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ryou_no_megami's Journal

2 October
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hey, i am 18 (well IN 3 DAYS ^^;) i live in Canada, Quebec, Montreal. i speak english anf french...trying to learn japanese -_-; never been to japan, planing to go soon. i am a very social personne, i love to talk about everything and nothing, i love surprise and kawaii stuff.
i am an outgoing personne that love to party and meet new poeple. and during my frree time i draw ^^ and mak lots of sweets (cakes and complicated deert recepies)
^^; i just can't stop stuffing myself ^^;
i love DDR U.U but i dont have the game
and i am currently studying in fashion desing, so one day i will make all kinds of lolita dresse and cosplay clothes MOUHAHAHAHHA and ^^ i will do some for my friends ^^ hehehe....
...evil plot...